John Linthurst   - photographer portfolio

Studio Vista Del Mar

Tijuana Street View.

Tijuana series consists of various Goolge map ‘street views’ (reduced to a passing snap) as I toured Tijuana via this method after the November election. The pixal quality was so poor that I used it as an advantage by enhancing the colors and magnifying the pixal squares. I populated the documentation with my own characters and story, in some ways bringing joy to sorrow, hope to despair, reward to destitution  when weighing the breadth of  the human spirit.

As a San Diego artist, I grasp for this great juxtaposition that is stationed in our own back yard, and find it a sobering oasis to attempt to build art out from. It is traumatic in some cases, to witness the poverty and decay from the comforts of the ‘other side’ - via a voyeuristic channel as this. On the other hand, there is no reason to believe the inhabitants view it as such, and likely have just as an outside view in - of what its like to have space in American suburbia.