Studio Vista Del Mar is a a sacred  place in the Sleeping Indian. Recognized as the highest inhabited parcel in the city of Oceanside, you can not get closer  to Heaven than this. Surrounded on four sides by lush avocado groves, mammals and rodents, birds and reptiles, all  bask poolside and gaze out to, well, China.   Paint, write, and be happy is the universal slogan.  Living the dream!

‘Coast Loco’ is a series of beach composites collected over the summers of 2018 /19 from local San Diego beaches. They consist primarily of multiple layered images taken from the same day’s excursion, and then re ordered into a new reality - something the artist may find fitting - but not necessarily accurate. (Some are hand painted with oils).These extremes can jockey from a quiet solitude, as nature can provide, to a testimonial of the human bio mass - that can annoy to absurd proportion. 

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John Linthurst is a former Los Angles resident who now resides in Oceanside. The greater part of his life has been dedicated to various entrepreneurial pursuits and has had a successful career in business and agriculture. Photography was one of his early avenues of expression and he completed the program at Pasadena City College - and then several additional sections at Cal State Fullerton where he eventually graduated with a degree in English (AMST).  In his years in Pasadena he was fortunate to be called into projects by several of his phtog friends attending nearby Art Center College of Design and learned greatly from the collaborations. At his creative zenith he was a rock and roll band photographer, with Van Halen and Joey Chamber credits, and then did a year stint as a roller derby photographer. {L.A. T-Birds} .... quite the adventure

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This exhibit is NOT upbeat. Some have declared this collection as ‘outright depressing’. It can lean that way. It is a series of portraits that may have evolved from the artist own isolation of many years on a rural SD avocado ranch. In that sense, and not recognized at the time, it was likely assembled as cathartic acceptance of circumstance.

Each canvas is a portrait. Most have a seeded story that angles to prompt a viewer’s further imagination. The general theme, as suggested, delves in the isolated, and the disenfranchised. In sum, the perseverance of character exceeds the most ominous of natures in this series of individual portraits. The Anza Borrego Desert serves as the metaphoric vehicle in this. Stark and beautiful. Stubbornly silent. Poignantly alone. Home for personalities crafted out of hardship, perhaps self-imposed.

Thus in some ways the goal here was to create an ethnography of sorts. After viewing the series, the notion hopefully has been an introduction into a culture…. real or imagined.

Often I bicycle through downtown San Diego with a couple of cameras at hand and a tripod strapped to the frame. Whereas a car is too fast and walking too slow, a bicycle  allows an "in and out"   and onto the next mobility perfect for urban areas. Provided you are not damaged by an auto. 

I have been experimenting with after print collage where I add and embellish the finished print with various third party media such as confetti, newsprint, glass, sticks, leaves, glitter and in one case - a large volume of mosquitos. The items are secured through a gell coat that gives the print a nice sheen, but also locks in the additions.

I am not a photo scientist, I have less interest in documenting the accuracy of a subject than manipulating a new reality into it

Landscapes  Imagined


Also, if you send me a photo, I can place you into any physical  environment  you see on this site, and make you thirty years younger  (or older) with an 'AI'  slight of hand.    It' is that easy!


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Merging not just text, but story into visual art has been something I am interested in doing more of. This original is 48x36. A story to be grand has to have the space to develop in, thus my next canvas will be a seven foot minimum and contain 93,000 words.

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