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Golden Age, California 

Set  D

​Cultural spoof - if not an indirect celebration - of our more affluent societies in the decades post WWII. These are ‘scenario collages’, assembled from Paper Dolls, Plastic Barbies, and Sewing Pattern ideals – scaled and repurposed into social landscapes mocking the possession of plenty, and at times, prompting self-absorbed blithe. Opulent parties are a theme in the set, but anxious alienation rests in some.   

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Folks, new email 

John Linthurst   - photographer/creator portfolio

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As mentioned, this is a collage process, where I collect relics of post war society and apply them to landscapes of lushness, perhaps agitating for opulence. These sets consist almost entirely of ‘gets’, where I have to shop the internet for applicable matches for my uploaded locations. However, I do photograph from newspapers, magazines and junk mail to gather material as well. Eventually I have enough of what I am thinking to populate the ‘canvas’, and attempt to groom tale from there. I can write a short story, frankly, from every one of these scenes - just by extrapolating from the applied text linked to each. It’s really fun!

 When I was child (in a non-TV household), and got grounded again for some menial reason, my father would dump magazines into my bedroom and tell me to read and learn something of the world. Yes, I would read them, but the pictures were more mesmerizing, and I began cutting the pictures out from one set, and pasting them to another. Think a Life magazine profiled person(s) added to a national geographic landscape. Ohh, then add a Cadillac, and ice cream cones for everybody-  from additional magazine cuts. Also, change the outfits, cut from big sisters Sixteen, (pissed her off), and even the heads and faces from Sports Illustrated, Sunset, etc – and presto – a new reality! Albeit contrived. Lastly, for comic relief, throw a chimpanzee in there too.

Studio Vista Del Mar

Once the collages are designed, they are printed out and partially painted in oils. In particular, the doll subjects themselves - which are often from pixelated vintage photographs – need to be ‘freshened’ with paint and returned to life. Several pieces have paper and newsprint added to accent the brash color atmosphere.



John Linthurst.

Thanks for visiting Golden Age, Ca. I am not burned out on this series, so likely will be adding more in the future.  Come back!