From the tome 'The Secret Life of Artist'

Oceanside California

HOSPITAL ART, this way !  Mystery Arrow is pointing down

"Much of this page consists of  the ‘Paper and Pellets’ series featured at the Phantom Gallery (Carlsbad) this year. Essentially I tweak the best photograph I can with a slight water color affect and then build the saturation levels. Then I paint a gell coat onto the prints surface. However to tighten up the final piece I not so randomly glue pellets and slivers of paper (typically what I can find in a days junk mail) into the shadows and highlights as subtle accents. Often I create my own highlights - or even objects - with introduced paper slivers becoming trees, rocks or points of light. The end result is that within twenty inches you can see the adulteration but beyond that it just becomes a quirk that engages eye."
John Linthurst   - photographer/creator portfolio

With the exception of Edward the Indian, I call much of the above ‘Hospital Art’. Calming and hopeful, full of roads to wonderment and pastures of plenty.

That said, I have actually have been considered for a contract to replenish the walls of a medical chain - along with eight thousand other hungry artist - pitted against brethren to pimp our strokes of genius, in an effort to slay the other in a dumpster of opportunity.  

Paper & Pellets

Studio Vista Del Mar

Why am I so keen on this' call for art'? Because it is one of those rare opportunities where the mid level artist is not being asked for a financial contribution to have a better than lottery chance of recognition. The artist call it "Pay to Play", and venues generally agree.

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