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The beach  culture has a  style, a vibe, that is people based for sure. I think it is grand to photograph  the quiet lonely beaches of SD County,  but the truth of the matter,  seldom is that seen in the summer months. Second, people come down to the sea to celebrate. It is  a joyful  event for families and  individuals to sink the hours in, and go home with a little salt on them.  I do thank those who have endorsed this 'Coast Loco' page on this site. I really have enjoyed creating my own  vision of beach culture and fashion - by altering ,layering, and applying the absurd.

John Linthurst

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‘Coast Loco’  is beach specific series derived from seemingly mundane trips to the sand and collecting unremarkable pictures in volume. Later, the ploy becomes compositing interesting parts into a new whole, creating a beach culture fueled with madness and mass. That residual is what I am after though. Absurdity is something we can both laugh with, and at ourselves. Lol!

John Linthurst - Oceanside California.

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'Coast Loco'  consists of San Diego area beaches.

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